Financial Planning

Financial Planning for you

Helping you achieve your financial goals

When you have a clear picture of what matters to you most, you become more confident in what you want to achieve. With that confidence comes a sense of certainty about your wealth and a better understanding of your financial future.

However, understanding your finances and knowing what is can be complex and time consuming.

Whether you are a successful business owner, entrepreneur, director, or senior executive, we can help relieve the burden of unravel these complexities. Implementing a financial plan that is tailored to your needs will ensure you don’t have to send too much time worrying about questions such as “How much is enough?” or “When can I retire?” We will help you understand your personal wealth or assets and ensure you get the most out of them – providing peace of mind and allowing you to gain financial confidence and the lifestyle you want.

Financial Planning for the successful business person

Designing the lifestyle you want to achieve - making work an option

Financial planning for business owners, entrepreneurs and the self- employed

Helping you plan a financially successful future for you, your family and your business

Your financial journey with us

The financial journey will be tailor made to meet your goals and we will do this using three stages:

Stage 1

Discovery & assessment

The all-important first stage where you get to tell us about your personal finance needs and objectives. Here we find out what investments, retirement plans and assets you already have. This will help us identify where gaps or opportunities may lie.

At this stage, we’ll explain how we will work with you, the benefits of working with us, and how we charge for the expert advice we provide.
Recommendation & Research
Next, we’ll start the process towards creating your bespoke Financial Plan based on your stated aims and ambitions. Your Plan will cover specific timed events and your longer-term well-defined strategy.

Our advice and recommendation will be backed by the quality of the research we continually undertake, and considers economic trends, world events, financial products and more.

Stage 2


We’ll present you with your Financial Plan at a meeting during which we’ll clearly explain each recommendation. If you wish to proceed with all or some of our implementation.

Stage 3


We offer an on-going service based on regular reviews to make certain your Financial Plan remains in sync with your financial goals. In addition to an annual review, you will receive regular newsletters and financial updates.